A certified banger for all the late night UK rave crew. Do the dancefloor a favour and pull this one out for peak time devastation...

This one is tried and tested. It's been in heavy rotation is our sets for the last few years and never fails to get a 'woi-yoi'  from all the UK raving massifff. For those not from these shores the two tunes in question here are 'Insomnia' by Faithless and 'Rip Groove' from Double 99.

'Insomnia' is one of those irresistible 'give a monkey a keyboard' rave tunes that was almost definitely played and recorded with a single index finger. Presumably this was because the other index finger was needed to point to the heavens for the universal 'big tune' salute. 

After 'Insomnia' makes the transition to the speed garage drop of 'Rip Groove' there is a subtle change to the stage directions - the index finger is joined by the middle finger and the thumb pops out to form your classic 'keeerpoooow' gunfingers.

Please respect the artists and make sure you buy the originals, you know the score.

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