Totally hypnotic cosmic boogie from 1977 transformed into a chugging slice of pop euphoria..

‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ is the opening track from Idris Muhammad’s 1977 album ‘Turn This Mutha Out’.  As you’d expect with a title like that, the album kicks off with a 25 second jazz-fusion drum solo and the front cover features Idris Muhammad wearing shades like a total boss. 

Our version below loops the tight drums and popping bass for the intro and then flies straight into that irresistible chorus for all the signalong crew. As a matter of common decency we’ve cut the 4 or 5 solos out so you don’t spend the next 8+ minutes of your life cursing every fibre of the saxophone. 

‘Loud Places’ lovingly builds itself around the epic chorus of ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ - pitching it down and wrapping it in warm textures, low slung bass and shuffling percussion for maximum euphoria.

The release of the Jamie xx track came shortly after the passing of Idris Muhammad and acted as a very timely tribute. As with his Gil Scott Heron work, it served as a great introduction & education for the next generation of musical whippersnappers.  

Our version of ‘Loud Places’ below is primed for the early stages of any respectable BBQ. We’ve cut out the Romy vocals and breakdowns out and extended the instrumental parts to keep the train rolling along smoothly. 

Please respect the artists and make sure you buy the originals, you know the score.

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