The story thus far

Brothers Jesse and Luke start disc jockeying

People start dancing and enjoying themselves

People get confused because Jesse and Luke look the same

Dancefloors get crushed from London to San Fran

Stages are shared with world famous acts and disc jockeys

People continue to dance and enjoy themselves

The hard truth

"I'm gonna lay you down with some hard truth - Beats In Abundance are probably one of the top DJ outfits in the UK. Their vast musical knowledge and irreverent flavour means they throw some of the wildest feel-good parties known to man. They don't aim for glory, they do it purely for the love of music. Word of mouth does the rest.

Brothers Luke & Jesse Baines' sound is a smorgasbord of killer jams - mixing ultra-obscure beats with party anthems and curveballs. And do it in fancy dress. One time they brought their Mum to their clubnight. Why? Because they're badasses."

Written by our good friend Dash from Get Low

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