Nostalgic VHS
packaging design


Set the timer on these blazing 80s VHS covers and feel the warmth of that futuristic analog fuzz...

If you’re severely elderly - so old that if you fall over, people say ‘they’ve had a fall’ - you’ll remember the Video Home System (VHS) bursting onto the scene in the 1970s as the exciting future of domestic entertainment.

Although the technology in modern terms seems dangerously blunt, when it came out it was highly cutting edge and sophisticated. You could record, rewind and play the Anfield Rap on repeat for crying out loud.

As this technology reared its futuristic head, the artwork that represented it needed to enforce and uphold this new mechanical age. In the boardrooms and laboratories, they decided that the future aesthetic had stripes, gradients, triangles and was occasionally 3D.

If you have similar feelings of joy towards these designs, make sure you bookmark the Vault of VHS which is a truly magnificent resource ‘dedicated to the design of retail VHS packaging, for both home & pre-recorded tapes.’

There’s been a slew of homages to the VHS aesthetic over the years. Some of our favourites are the modern film cover remakes of Timeless VHS and Steel Berg and the unbelievably dope skateboard decks from the folks at 5Boro...

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